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Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation specialty which through the evaluation of impairments, injuries can be diagnoised and treated. Physiotherapist help restore function, movement and strength through modalities, manual therapy and exercises which are tailored to you specific needs.

Our physiotherapists have a wide variety of treatments at their disposal, depending on your individual needs:

  • Manual therapy
    manual therapy is used when you have pain and tension in soft tissues or joints. It can help regain range of motion that is lost during an injury.
  • Therapeutic exercises
    your physiotherapist may recommend therapeutic exercises. These will target specific muscles and build strength in order to return mobility and function, and reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Prescription equipment and devices
    In order to support or protect particularly vulnerable areas, we might recommend equipment like a back or knee brace.
  • Heat/Cold Therapy
    Hot and cold therapy can help with pain and inflammation around injured areas in order to shorten healing time.
  • Planning and Training
    When you are ready to return to play or work, we will give you guidance on how to proceed in order to minimize the rick of re-injury.
  • Electrotherapy
    These treatments may also be employed to relieve your symptoms and to help restore function, aiding in the healing process.

Our expert team of physiotherapists will work for you to:

  • Heal physical injury
    If you’ve suffered an acute injury, we will find the best way to heal your damaged tissue, joints, or bones.
  • Improve movement
    People often face limited movement following an injury. We will work with you to regain as much of your range as possible.
  • Restore Function
    It is one thing to heal the injury, but without restored function, you can’t get back to your favourite activities.
  • Prevent future injury
    Through therapy, training, and education we will help you avoid re-injury
  • Increase strength and flexibility
    One of the most important ways of preventing injury is to build strength and flexibility.
  • Help you reach your fitness goals
    ultimately, your goals are our goals. We want to get you into the best condition possible so you can get back to you activities.